Surrender Within, the Zine #2

An eclectic expression of love to nourish your journey home. Give your eyes a break from the screen and indulge in a bit of self love, acceptance, and empowerment that you can hold in your hands. Or gift to another.

Snag the second full color issue below! Support Surrender Within, your inner journey, AND the USPS! Includes the Anxiety Bubble Ritual.
$10.53 + tax + Free Shipping = $11.11 each.

(Missed the first issue? Check it out here!)

Thank you for this amazing offering! The art, the rituals, the suggestions, the yoga-it felt like a big gentle hug arrived in my mailbox. These zines are so special, so inclusive, and so needed, especially in a world that is constantly pushing people past their limits and disconnecting us from our bodies and hearts. Thanks for reminding me that how I feel matters, and that super simple subtle shifts can make a big difference.” -Ashley

To look in places within myself is something these zines inspire me to do.” -James V.

Thank you! I loved holding so much nurturing love and creativity! Beautiful.” -Leah

You can *feel* the love that goes into the packaging, each page, and the stickers that come with. The rituals feel very affirming, gentle, and inclusive to all ages, genders, and the intersection of identities. It is nice to have a written guide so that I can choose how and when I practice, plus since it is a physical thing, I can always return to it as needed.” -Bear Cunningham

“I could feel the love the moment the package was in my hands.” -Olive

Thank you so much!

Surrender Within the zine is a fair reflection of the amount of empathy and care that is shown by creator Mourning Dove. Every page is packed with the love and creativity that pours out of her in heavy rivers into the souls of every person whose life she touches. Everyone can feel alone and afraid in life and Mourning Dove has made it her mission to help as many people as she possibly can.” -Nile Slava

I loved the poems in the zines. That was my favorite part. I enjoyed the rituals and felt empowered after them.”
-Lucas Khowsky

It’s been such a gift to receive colorful mail like this. Especially during a pandemic, to get personalized artsy mail greatly improved my days. I felt like a kid on Christmas. I cannot get over the the creativity Mourning Dove has to offer. Blown away every time and very grateful.” -Kirsten