Sun Feb 13 2022
A “Cameras Off” Virtual Event

Be gently guided through a journey to reconnect with your inner teenager. 
Comfort nest creation
Guided visualization & reflection
Gentle movement infused with affirmations & reverence
Body connection
Self forgiveness, love, & gratitude
Open to all identities, bodies, and abilities. We’ll be cultivating the following energies: lunar, soft, forgiving, creative, loving, nurturing, embracing, accepting, comforting, sensual, opening, surrendering, sacred, playful, reuniting.
Your camera and audio will remain off for this event to allow you the privacy to connect deeply with your sacred self, while still being held in circle.
♡Registration required. Register Here.♡
This event caters to folks who have already started their self love journey or feel very comfortable going inward. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Surrender Within