Zine #6 + Back Issues Bundle


The first 6 full color eco-printed zines mailed to your hands with love. An economical way to catch up on back issues!

Free shipping & handling.

See details below.♡

I created the Surrender Within Zine series as an expression of love to accompany your inner journey. Please customize your practices in ways that honor your body, triggers, resources, preferences, lived experiences, and beliefs. You are unique, and your inner journey gets to reflect that!

These full color zines are printed on fancy paper on an eco printer, with blue staples, and mailed to your hands with love. Take a break from the screens and make yourself a priority - even if you're short on time! Or gift to a friend! ♡

Includes 1 copy of each of the following:

Issue #1 - includes artwork, poetry, a ritual to Release and Receive, and more

Issue #2 - includes artwork, poetry, the Anxiety Bubble Ritual, sacred movement, journal prompts, and more

Issue #3 - includes artwork, poetry, a quick practice to tune into the frequencies of your desired feelings, a lunar word search, moon cycle, empathy comic strip + journal prompts, a quick snack recipe, and more

Self Love Shower Ritual♡ - Create your own Self Love Ritual you can do in the shower! Includes a validating welcome, info on the power of self love rituals, step by step directions to create your own shower-friendly ritual with ideas to choose from, a template to fill out to make it your own, colorful pages, and space to journal.

I Don’t Feel Like Showering Today♡ - For a variety of reasons, self care can be hard sometimes! This full color zine is a guide to changing the energy around showering, making it a better, more appealing experience, and embracing alternative self-care practices when showering feels out of reach. Includes a validating welcome, 18 ideas on how to change the vibe and ease the transition, 13 mini self care practices to try instead, space to add your own ideas, areas to journal, beautiful backgrounds, and original artwork.

Issue #6 Letter to Self Ritual- Includes letter writing self love ritual with envelope, love themed Forever postage stamp, and more.

I hope you enjoy the original artwork, intentions, and love that are infused in these pages.

Reach out with any questions!♡

“Thank you for this amazing offering! The art, the rituals, the suggestions - it felt like a big gentle hug arrived in my mailbox. These zines are so special, so inclusive, and so needed, especially in a world that is constantly pushing people past their limits and disconnecting us from our bodies and hearts. Thanks for reminding me that how I feel matters, and that super simple subtle shifts can make a big difference.” -Ashley

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