Surrender Within Journal


Handmade limited edition journal.♡

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Limited edition journal handmade with love and patience. Each one slightly imperfect and unique.

  • Purple Nebula design
  • Spiral bound by hand
  • Manually hole punched (with love) a few pages at at time
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling/anti-journalling tips
  • ~100 lined rainbow colored pages
  • 68 journal prompts
  • Printed on EcoTank printer
  • Shipped in upcycled packaging
  • Carbon credits purchased to offset shipping

"I’ve been waiting for another Surrender Within journal to come out! Last year’s edition changed the way I journal (or should I say “tried” to journal). I love the homemade feel. I had the privilege of witnessing part of the creation process, and I can vouch for the love, care, and patience that goes into each one. Each page even! The reminders in the beginning help me get out of my own way and connect deeply with myself in a way that feels authentic just for me. And whenever I get stuck, I pick a prompt from the back to get me started. Instead of writing it out, I reflect on it like a meditation and then jot down any revelations that pop up. So excited for the rainbow colored pages this year!" -J.W.

Local pick up available in Madison, WI area. Email for more info.

(Media created by vamariyav4210, Pond5, and Surrender Within)

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