Shower Zine Bundle


These 2 full color heartfelt zines are designed to uplift, validate your experience, and add a new dimension to your self care and self love practices. (shipping included)♡

Zine: I Don’t Feel Like Showering Today

For a variety of reasons, self care can be hard sometimes! This full color zine is a guide to changing the energy around showering, making it a better, more appealing experience, and embracing alternative self-care practices when showering feels out of reach. Includes a validating welcome, 18 ideas on how to change the vibe and ease the transition, 13 mini self care practices to try instead, space to add your own ideas, areas to journal, beautiful backgrounds, and original artwork.

Zine: Self Love Shower Ritual

Create your own Self Love Ritual you can do in the shower! Includes a validating welcome, info on the power of self love rituals, step by step directions to create your own shower-friendly ritual with ideas to choose from, a template to fill out to make it your own, colorful pages, and space to journal.

Surrender Within zines (self-published, homemade, independently produced booklets or magazines) are an eclectic expression of love to accompany your inward journey home. Give your eyes a break from the screen and indulge in a bit of self love, acceptance, and self-empowerment that you can hold in your hands. Or gift to another.

Snag these full color issues and support Surrender Within, your inner journey, and the USPS!♡

Includes Shipping. 

Email with any questions. If you are experiencing severe financial hardship and know you would benefit from these zines, please reach out for options.♡

“Thank you for this amazing offering! The art, the rituals, the suggestions - it felt like a big gentle hug arrived in my mailbox. These zines are so special, so inclusive, and so needed, especially in a world that is constantly pushing people past their limits and disconnecting us from our bodies and hearts. Thanks for reminding me that how I feel matters, and that super simple subtle shifts can make a big difference.” -Ashley

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