Self Love Inner Child Practice


A guided video practice to reconnect and open dialogue with your inner child.

44 minutes and 44 seconds

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Be gently guided through a journey to reconnect with your inner child.

  • Guided reflection
  • Opening dialogue with your inner child
  • Gentle movement infused with affirmations & reverence
  • Self forgiveness, love, & gratitude

To enhance your practice, you'll need the following:

  • Journal & a marker (crayon or colored pencil will also work)
  • Candle & a way to light it 
  • Comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, anything that makes you feel safe/r and grounded)
  • Pillows, blankets, & anything you need to be comfy and cozy
  • Altar item/s, if you’d like (incense, photo of you as a child, crystal, bits of nature, trinkets…can be anything)
  • A private & quiet space
  • Water/herbal tea
This practice was created with the accessibility needs and preference feedback I received and includes: writing with hands, listening to oral instructions, gentle movement from a seated and laying down position.

If you were unable to submit your feedback in time and would like to delve into this type of work, please reach out. I would be honored to create a future practice that includes you and accommodates your needs.


Media provided by Surrender Within, Pond5, TheEngineer, TEERASAK, & MPmedia

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