Inner Child Self Love Journey
Part of YOU HOST-A Dynamic Showcase*
Tue April 19 2022

8pm CST
Donation based online sacred circle

♡All donations collected this evening will go to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts.

Be gently guided through a journey to reconnect with your inner child while being held in sacred circle.

  • Guided reflection
  • Opening dialogue with your inner child
  • Gentle movement infused with affirmations & reverence
  • Self forgiveness, love, & gratitude
  • Sacred Community

I invite you to have the following with you:

  • Journal/notebook & a marker (crayons or colored pencils would also work)
  • Candle & a way to light it
  • Comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, anything that makes you feel safe/r and grounded)
  • Pillows, blankets, & anything you need to be comfy and cozy
  • Altar item/s, if you’d like (incense, photo of you as a child, crystal, bits of nature, trinkets…can be anything)
  • A private & quiet space
  • Water/herbal tea
All bodies and abilities welcomed and valued.*
*Accessibility update:
I created our practice with the accessibility needs and preference feedback I received. It will include:
Writing with hands
Listening to oral instructions
Gentle movement from a seated position
Gentle movement from a lying down position

If you were unable to submit your feedback in time and would like to delve into this type of work, please reach out. I would be honored to create a future practice that includes you and accommodates your needs.

*The parent event this offering is a part of is intended for folks who identify as women and nonbinary folks who are comfortable in women + nonbinary spaces. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

We’ll be cultivating the following energies: lunar, soft, forgiving, creative, loving, nurturing, embracing, accepting, comforting, opening, surrendering, sacred, playful, reuniting.


Register here.

(If you’re not able to donate, you are still welcome! Reach out to hold your spot.♡)

Surrender Within