Inner Child Journey

“Thoughts of forgiveness and love for our inner child will open pathways, and the Universe will support us in our efforts.”

―Louise Hay

Be gently guided through
a journey of self love
as you connect with the inner child part of YOU.

This offering is intended for folks who have already started cultivating their sacred relationship with Self and would like to go deeper. 

  • Creating a comfortable space to go inward
  • Guided meditation
  • Gentle playful movement
  • Creative Reflection
  • Self forgiveness & gratitude

Open to all identities, bodies, and abilities. We’ll be cultivating the following energies: loving, nurturing, playful, healing, embracing, accepting, comforting, opening, surrendering. 

This a live guided journey with your SELF. Your video/audio will be off for the evening to allow you to go as deep as you feel comfortable. There will be optional space to share towards the end, if you feel called.

Please send your questions to ❤

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