Self Love Ritual

Stop trying to fit yourself into someone else’s path, doing it all on your own, or waiting for some day in the future. Release the idea that your journey needs to appear a certain way or that you’re in some way, not worth it.

Instead, create and nurture a unique-to-you self love practice that you can rely on NOW, and that honors your beliefs, preferences, body, and triggers, while being held, supported, and witnessed as you uncover and deepen this sacred connection and build momentum.

(If you don’t resonate with the word ritual, you can think of it as a session, practice, or journey.) 

Our time together may take a variety of forms based on your needs, preferences, triggers, comfort level, and current intentions. We will co-create something special for YOU. 

Reach out to with any questions.♡

“My Self Love Ritual was an amazing experience, beyond anything I’ve tried before. Not only Mourning Dove listened to my preferences, triggers, and requests, but she also made me feel safe and comfortable as if she was holding me by the hand. During the sessions, she works with me, doing the movements, saying the affirmations, and guiding me through it all. She holds a safe space for me to let go of my fears, blocks, and limitations.

After each session, I feel so calm and relaxed, which motivates me to continue doing the Self Love Ritual with the confidence that I will strengthen my connection with my intuition, which is the intention I set for myself. I highly recommend Surrender Within! Mourning Dove creates a calm and relaxed space with background music that sets the tone of the session. You feel loved! I especially enjoyed the dance we did together.”

-Telma Meyer

“Hi my name is Shari Ware, and a few weeks ago I was very blessed to have a really special session with Mourning Dove. She took me through a self love ritual that she created for me. 

I had to answer some questions and then she created my own unique self love ritual for me and took me through it. It was an absolutely beautiful experience. 

It’s something that I felt was so special, and parts of it is something that I have actually implemented into my daily self love ritual because I just loved it so much.

So if you could do with some help with your self love ritual – and I do

highly recommend that you take the time to create your own – Mourning Dove will help you. What she created me was really so special, so I definitely recommend that you reach out to her.”

-Shari Ware

“I just finished an hour-long, individual Self Love Ritual session with Mourning Dove and I feel fantastic and refreshed!

Mourning Dove gave me the opportunity prior to this session to tell her what I wanted to work on, what might be triggering to me so she could avoid those subjects or words, and what words I thought would be helpful in my affirmations. She then brought these intentions and desires into our session, checking in often to make sure I was comfortable and felt safe. She gave me options for movements in case I couldn’t do them all (don’t worry, it’s all very gentle, if that’s what you need). Because of her pre-session questionnaire and discussion, most of the affirmations she used in my session felt perfectly aligned with what I needed to hear.

I’m glad I got to have this experience with Mourning Dove…she is calm, kind and gentle, and her voice is soothing…something we all need in life right now.

Thanks for the time, Mourning Dove.”

-Melissa Maxwell

Have a question, barrier, or intention you’d like to share? Please reach out!

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 or 988

Essential Community Services
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